Without any doubt my favourite flower: the bringer of spring, the start of a new season - the daffodil. They were my father’s life’s work and I inherited his passion for this special flower. I own thousands of different daffodils, and every spring I joyfully walk through my fields and look at all the beauty there. I always think the daffodil is a very happy, excited flower: she looks more comfortable and relaxed there in the garden than other flowers, like she feels completely at ease. As a finishing touch she has bright, happy colours. Yes, the daffodil and I have an unbreakable friendship.


Therefore, I regret the fact that the daffodil is not a real flower-celebrity. Not everybody knows her in all her shapes and sizes. Daffodils return year after year, every year in larger numbers, without disappointing even once. They have the most gorgeous colours of white, yellow, orange and salmon pink and they look good in the garden as well as in the house. Yet, I once heard someone say: ‘Daffodils? Aren’t that those big, yellow flowers? I prefer something else.’ I almost wanted to pull out my phone and show some pictures of Angel’s Breath, the smallest, sweetest little daffodil I know, or L’Innocence, that is not big nor is it yellow, on the spot. Unfortunately my daughters did not agree with that course of action and so this woman now has to go through life without knowing how pretty a daffodil can be.


It is obvious: I am a fan. And as an extra: now is exactly the time at which daffodil bulbs are being dug up! The harvest is very good this year; we can start peeling and cleaning the daffodils and then selling them! Be convinced by the photographs of my favourite daffodils, that you can find on my website, and the pictures of me and my daffodils in the warehouse and in the fields, where I give them the best care they can get. Who knows, maybe this Spring you will enjoy my favourite flower as much as I always do!