Daffodil Duty

Daffodils. Tulips. Alliums. You can order them again. Together with all the other beautiful spring-flowering bulbous plants of course.

We have managed to combine a wide range of species in our collection. More than 150 different types of tulips, and over one hundred Daffodils – of which many are newcomers from our own nursery.

Of course you must be very eager to look around in our web shop now, so the newsletter will be short this week.

The reason for the short length of the newsletter is because my dear father was on a working trip. Or at least that is what he called it. He went to the Pyrenees with his Daffodil friends: a club of 10 (old) people from all corners of the world that all got together to fulfill their true Daffodil duty: looking for wild Daffodils in the mountains of Spain.

Our family group chat was overloaded with photos of mountains, wine and sunsets while me and my siblings were busy studying and my mother was doing the hard work in the warehouse back at home.

When my father asked me to translate the newsletter I got a photo of some words hastily written down in his notebook. You might wonder why even bother at all, but the weekly newsletter is important to him so of course he cannot leave you empty handed. On that note, I need to apologize for the fact that there was no English newsletter last week. Last week Thursday was Liberation Day in the Netherlands, and of course it was my duty as a student to celebrate that greatly. Additionally, there were also some deadlines for university going on and in all the madness I completely forgot to translate the newsletter. I am sorry.

But I am back in business, so please feel free to enjoy our collection of spring-flowering bulbous plants. Important to mention is that the bulbs you order now will be delivered in early-autumn, which will also be the time to plant these bulbs.

Kind regards,
Roos van der Veek