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Lily bulbs can be planted all winter and spring, but they should be in the ground by now. Tuesday April 30st will be the last day you can order Lily bulbs in my web shop.

Lilium lancifolium Flore Pleno
Lilium Zambesi

When the Lily bulbs are stored well there is no problem to plant them in April, commercial Lily growers also are finishing their planting at the moment.

When you plant them later the start of the growth might be too fast due to warm soil temperatures. When that happens there will not be sufficient roots to supply the plant with water and they will stay short and blooming will be delayed.

So, it is best to make sure the Lilies are planted before temperatures go too high.


But please, do make sure the bulbs are planted deep enough. This has two advantages; the soil at greater depth is cooler so their start is slower which gives them good opportunity to supply the plant with water and when you plant them deeper, they can grow more stem roots.

Stem roots are roots that grow above the Lily bulb from the stem and they are important to supply the plant with the first water and they are important to anchor the plant. At least 10 cm of soil on top of the Lily bulb is advised.

During the growing season the Lily bulbs will also grow normal roots which are important to supply the plant with sufficient water once they are in full bloom.

Lilium The Edge

This year’s spring is marvelous; nice weather and lots of beautiful flowering bulbs. I quickly go outside again to enjoy all the niceness.

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