Hello Sunshine

Narcissus Hello Sunshine

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Hello Sunshine

Belkmerweg 20

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Belkmerweg 20
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Everyone who knows me, knows that in spring I like to gift a bouquet of daffodils to people who visit us or to friends and acquaintances who I am visiting. And so came the time that I brought a bouquet of these sunny Daffodils to the Physio (yes, I too sometimes get a little rusty). The masseur was a jolly lady, who enjoys relieving your pain and is good at it. When giving the bouquet she said all the things I hear so often; ‘oh how sweet’ and ‘you shouldn’t have’. But the bouquet was happily accepted, and a vase was filled with way too much water which spilled over the edge and dripped in the windowsill. I smiled at this. ‘What is the name of this Daffodil, Carlos?’ she asked. ‘It is a seedling she doesn’t have a name yet, but if you can think of something, I would love to hear it, because I cannot think of any name that would fit. I think it is one of the better seedlings as well, so I need a name that fits her well’. It took her about ten minutes, she had just gently reached the painful spot during the massage when she suddenly said: ‘Hello Sunshine. It is a beautiful daffodil with big, bright flowers, doesn’t it make you happy? Just like sun always makes me happy. Call her Hello Sunshine, Hello Sunshine is a fitting name for this Daffodil’. Bullseye. This name tells you everything you need to know about this Daffodil in just two words. Thank you Tinda, for this beautiful name, next time I will bring you flowers again.

 Bulb size
 Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
 Plant height
40 - 50 cm
 Planting depth
10 - 15 cm
All yellow
 Plant cutting

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