Tulips... We just love them! The tulip is the perfect flower to mark the beginning of a new and colourful year. Tulips accompany the first sunny days in early spring, when you can sit drinking coffee in the garden, surrounded by blooming tulips and simply enjoying life. Seeing tulips in bloom will make anyone happy! Tulips are the color of spring.

Tulips have a long history in the Netherlands, even though the tulip comes from Turkey originally. In the Netherlands, the flower was introduced during the Golden Age (16th-17th century). People love tulips, they do now and they did then. Tulips have become a national symbol of the Netherlands. The famous tulip fields attract visitors from all over the world. Tulips are very special to Fluwel. In our web store you will find a nice assortment of tulips in different shapes and colours, all very well-suited to be planted in your garden. After being delivered to your home in autumn, you can plant these tulip bulbs yourself. Planting tulips is not difficult. And you can find more information about tulips and how to plant bulbs on our website.

A Brief History of Tulips

The tulip came to Holland from the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) in the seventeenth century. The tulip was already very popular in the Ottoman Empire and the Sultans often wore tulips on their turbans. In fact, the word ‘tulip’ is derived from the word ‘turban’. This period is often called ‘the tulip age’ by historians. It didn’t take long for the rich Dutch merchants of the Golden Age to discover the tulip. The story goes that one of the first merchants to bring tulips to Holland planted them in his garden. His neighbours liked the flowers so much that they began to steal them.

During the seventeenth century, tulips gained so much popularity that the bulbs were sometimes used as a means of payment. This period is known for the ‘tulip mania’. This stands in stark contrast to the ‘hunger winter’ during the Second World War, when people were forced to eat tulip bulbs rather than starve. All in all, tulips have a rich and varied history – from money to means of survival. Tulips are more than just pretty flowers.

Tulips in Holland

People still love tulips to this day. The tulip has even become a national symbol in the Netherlands. The tulip fields are currently a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. The Noordoostpolder in particular is known for its tulip fields. Tulips are also depicted on many souvenirs sold in Holland. The popularity of a place such Keukenhof is also largely due to the beauty of tulips. Tulips are also very special to Fluwel, which is why you will find such a wide array of tulip bulbs in our online shop.

Tulips grow best during cold nights and especially after a cold winter. So it makes perfect sense that they thrive in the Dutch climate. This love of the cold also explains why tulips appear so early in the year. Tulips are planted in October or November. This ensures that they will get all the cold that the need to bloom in spring. Tulips usually bloom form April to June. So when you decide to plant tulips, you will be able to enjoy their beautiful colours all spring.

Buying Tulips Online

Tulips are easy to propagate, and this is why they are available in so many different colours and shapes. Naturally, we at Fluwel also do our share of experimenting. This means we have tulips in all colours, even with multi-coloured flowers, large tulips, tulips with spreading petals, classically shaped tulips, tall slim tulips, or full tulips that almost look like roses. We also have small tulips and wild tulips.To see what we have available for you, simply browse through our catalogue. Our selection of bulbs is large enough that we are confidant you will find something you like.

New types of tulip bulb are tested in our gardens before being added to our shop. This means that we only sell tulip bulbs that we can guarantee will grow well in your garden. You will not need to worry about your bulbs failing. Ordering bulbs from us can be done easily through our web shop. Your bulbs will delivered at exactly the right time to be planted in your garden. Planting tulips and other flower bulbs isn’t hard. You can find more information on planting bulbs on our website, as well as more general information about tulips.

In addition to tulips, we also offer daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and dahlias.