All Tulips

Tulips... We just love them! The tulip is the perfect flower to mark the beginning of a new and colourful year. Tulips go with the first sunny days in early spring, with drinking coffees in the garden, blooming tulips all around, simply enjoying life. Watching tulips in bloom makes everybody happy! Tulips are the color of spring.

Tulips have a long history in the Netherlands. The tulip comes originally from Turkey. In the Netherlands, the flower was introduced in the Golden Age (16th-17th century). People love tulips, they do now and they did then. Tulips have become a symbol of the Netherlands. The famous tulip fields attract visitors from all over the world. Tulips are very special to Fluwel. In our web store you may find a nice assortment of tulips, in different shapes and colours, all very well-suited to be planted in a garden.After the home delivery in autumn, you can plant these tulips yourself. Planting tulips is not difficult. You will find more information on our website.