Planting Dahlias

Dahlias may look exotic, but they are very similar to other bulb flowers in terms of care – despite the fact that they are actually tubers and not bulbs. The difference between the two is that bulbs store their extra nutrients in their underground leaves, while tubers use their stems and roots. This means that tubers contain much more moisture and are therefore more susceptible to frost than bulbs are. Dahlias are summer blooming flowers, which is why dahlias must be planted in spring when it no longer freezes at night. This will ensure that your dahlia tubers do not freeze. The earlier you plant your dahlia tubers, the longer you will be able to enjoy their beautiful flowers.

Dahlias in Your Garden

Dahlias do well in sunny locations, as they need sun to develop optimally. Soil that is too wet is a deal breaker for the dahlia. Make sure that the soil is well-drained so that the tubers will not rot. Loosen the soil before planting and specialty fertiliser if desired. Plant the tubers a few centimetres deep in a trench, with the point facing upwards. Dahlia tubers can be planted quite close together, just a 2-5cm apart. This means you can create a wonderful, dense field of dahlias. Cover your tubers with a thin layer of earth and water them straight away. Keep the soil damp until after flowering. When your dahlias have reached a height of about 20cm, cut the tip of the buds so that your dahlias will branch out and give you even more flowers.

It is also possible to plant your dahlias tubers in a pot initially and them move them outside in May. You will need a greenhouse for this, as dahlia tubers require a lot of sunlight. When potted, dahlias also require damp soil that is well-drained. Check the soil twice daily to be sure. In May you can replant your dahlias outside or simply put the pot outside on your balcony or terrace. Dahlias are truly a versatile flower and they are also available in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes. There are large showy dahlias, small delicate-looking dahlias, complex dahlias and simple elegant dahlias. Please take the time to look at what we have to offer here at Fluwel.

Buying Dahlia Tubers Online

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