Planting Alliums

Alliums are also known as ‘ornamental onions’. These bulb flowers feature colourful spheres at the top of long, thin stems. Some alliums are grown for consumption, but others are appreciated for their looks. The allium has a long and interesting history, but there is not enough room here to recount it all. But we will mention that there are over 300 types of allium. This may come as a surprise if you are only familiar the onions used for cooking. Here at we would like to introduce you to a number of different allium varieties and of course tell you more about planting allium in your own garden.

Allium as Garden Flowers

Many gardeners appreciate allium because the different varieties bloom at different times. Not just in early spring or in summer, but also in between. So by planting alliums, you can transition through a time that is normally without flowers and have a colourful garden all year round. Alliums are best planted in well-drained soil and will appreciate full sun while they are in bloom. You can add peat moss, compost or composted manure to the soil to improve drainage if necessary. But do not worry, a bit of water is harmless. So long as your alliums bulbs do not have wet feet, they will be fine. Dig a trench that is about 15cm deep and loosen up the soil well before planting. Place the bulbs in the trench with the point facing upwards and cover them with soil. Always water flower bulbs straight after planting. If you follow these instructions, you garden will be full of beautiful alliums  after a few months. It should be noted that allium will not do well in pots.

Buying Allium Bulbs Online

If you are looking for the best quality allium bulbs, is the right place to be. In our assortment you will find both well-known types of allium as well as rare varieties that are not widely available. So whether you are beginning gardener or a true allium connoisseur who already has a large collection, we are glad you are here. Ordering alliums online is easily done via our web shop. Of course, we also offer background information on all our bulb flowers. Each type of allium has its own information page that includes clear photos. As allium comes in all shapes and sizes, it is important to see what you are buying.

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