Oxalis versicolor

Oxalis versicolor
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Flowering Period
4 cm
Light requirement
Planting season
Plant height
0 - 10 cm
Planting depth
0 - 5 cm


The bulbs of the Oxalis versicolor are very small. As soon as you receive them, they need to be planted in a, preferably stone, pot with a drain hole in the bottom. Use a common potting soil mixed with some sand or clay. Immediate planting is important because they want to start growing by the time you receive the bulbs.

Place the pot in a cool and light spot and you will see the finger shaped leaves appear within a few weeks.

During the month of November, the first flowers will show. Leave the pot outside, she loves cool weather and a few degrees of frost also won’t harm her. But the Oxalis versicolor does not like too much rain in too wet soil she will suffer. Place her on a sheltered spot when rainfall is abundant or, with real bad weather take her indoors. Find her a cool and light place in the house, indoors she will grow somewhat longer but when it is not too warm, she will bloom for months.

So never place het close, or above the radiator. A cold greenhouse or sunporch is perfect but also a window in an unheated room will do. The cool conditions intensify her colours and she will last much longer.

When the Oxalis versicolor die back in May / June you stop watering and let the pot dry. In September you start watering again and place the pot outside. The cool autumn nights will kiss her awake and she will start growing again.

The first year the Oxalis versicolor will bloom sparsely, the second year you will see a lot more flowers. After a few years your Oxalis versicolor will cover herself with a blanket of the most beautiful flowers in flower Dom.

For the true bulb lover certainly worth trying, nothing as nice as the little blossoms of the Oxalis versicolor.