The nerine is the goodnight kiss of your garden before she finally snoozes off into a peaceful winter's sleep. The grand finale of the flower bulb blooming season. The nerine will cover your garden in a glittering haze of pinkish red colours that combine subtly with all those gorgeous characteristic autumn shades. Delightful loose, open flowers that dance happily, on slender stems, though the autumn breeze, with a crisp twinkling colour. When the flowers are touched by the sun it looks like they are covered with a thin layer of silver dust. When reading this, you might get the impression that I am a huge fan of Nerines, and that is absolutely true. I think they are glorious. Finding the right varieties took some time and effort, because unfortunately not all nerines are made to perform in the garden. Most of them are more suitable for growing cut flowers in a more sheltered habitat, but the ones I am offering here are excellent for the garden. good, healthy growers, able to survive winters and a way of flowering that becomes richer with every passing year. It almost looks like, and this is almost dangerous to say for me, that they are just as good as daffodils. The first year they do great, only to improve in the years that follow. To plant them in the best way I do recommend reading 'How Do I Plant Nerine' in the category 'Flower Bulb Information'