The power of bulbs is evident from the history of the lily in particular. Lilies have many faces... From a single flower bulb, a beautiful palette of flowers has emerged, elegant and outstanding. Lilies have a lot of character and a lot of excellent qualities. At Fluwel we are very excited about this flower, as you can see if you look at the selection in our web shop.

Lilies have character, lilies have their own will. Everyone working with lilies should take this into account. Lilies do not like to be removed from their soil: replant them as soon as possible. Cool soil, warm sun: this is ideal for the lily. Many lilies are, just like other bulbs, planted during fall, but some species prefer to be planted in early spring (March, April). Read our information carefully!

Buy lilies

Ordering lilies at Fluwel is easy, as you may expect from us. With each flower in the shop you will find the necessary information. There is a lot to choose from. Beautiful, delicate shapes, bright colors, flowers of the highest quality. Buy lily bulbs and plant them in your own garden, so that you will enjoy the special character of this famous flower.