O.T. Liliy

O.T. lilies are without doubt, a group of lilies that will go a long way. This group of lilies has outstanding qualities, especially for garden use.
Lily hybridizers breeding garden lilies have known for over 50 year that Trumpet lilies are vigorous and disease resistant plants. But since the use of chemicals in Holland has been restricted more and more, the demand for strong and healthy growing lilies has increased rapidly in the cut flower industry. This is why professional Dutch lily cut flower breeders started to use indestructible garden plants like the old fashioned trumpet lily to create stronger and more disease resistant lilies. By using different modern embryo rescue techniques, they succeeded in breeding the graceful Japanese Oriental lilies with the strong American Trumpet lilies. The results are astonishing: beautiful lilies, not only for the cutting industry, but also great for garden use.
The word O.T. lily is an abbreviation for “Oriëntal lily x Trumpet lily. O.T. lilies are the results of crosspollinations between these two groups of lilies and in America they are also known as ‘Orienpet lilies’.
The first group, the Oriental lilies, have their origin mainly in Japan and Holland. This group was created by breeding species lilies like L. auratum, L. rubellum. L. japonicum, L. speciosum and L. nobilisinum.
The second group was developed mainly in America. To create these lilies they used L. regale, L. sargentiae, L. henryi en L. sulphureum.
So by crossbreeding these two groups, the Orietal and the Trumpet lilies, they created a new group of lilies with a potpourri of up to 10 different species genes.