Species Lily

This is the group of lilies that is growing in the wild. At the moment there are about 100 different species lilies and spread out over the whole northern hemisphere. Every species lily has her own growing specifics, some grow well under all kinds of garden conditions, others are more picky when it comes to the environment. The species offered have proven to be easy growers in the garden and they are not too choosy when it comes to soil types and growing conditions. The species lilies offered nowadays are in general selections made out of the original , wild growing, species lilies. In nature you often see a wide variation in the same species and there they used to start with looking for the largest and strongest plant to collect some seed. Once a grower starts multiplying this bulb he will continue to look for plants that perform better than the rest for further propagation. Every time he will choose his best plants to continue the stock and by doing this you often see propagated lilies being much better than the once growing in the wild.