Oriental Lily

The oriental lily is the largest group of lillies when it comes to commercial propagation in Holland at the moment, hundreds of hectares are planted each year. This type of lilies is incredibly popular with flower growers over the entire globe. Rightfully so, they are the most colourful and most graceful lilies of all. Unlike most other lilies they prefer to grow in slightly acidic soil. However, when the soil is not exactly to their liking, they will still grow, the first year you might not even notice it. The bulb has enough reserve energy stored in its scales to perform well in the first year.
But in the following years, you will start to see that the plants grow smaller and eventually even disappear completely. When the acidity in the soil is not good, the plant is not able to absorb enough nutrition to grow well. Once you know your soil is not acidic enough for oriental lilies, you can solve the problem by adding a good amount of peat in the planting hole and you will see the lilies perform much better. Please do make sure to use peat and not potting soil. Potting soil is rather neutral and does not raise the acidity.