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OAO Lilies

OAO Lilies

OAO stands for ‘Oriental Asian Oriental’ which means that the Lily comes from cross breeding an Oriental Lily with an Asiatic Lily. The pollen that came from the seedlings of this cross were then used to pollinate yet another Oriental Lily … and thus, the OAO Lily came to be.

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Lilium Avalon Sunset (OAO)
From 29-01-2023
Lilium November Rain (OAO)
From 29-01-2023
Lilium Sunset Boulevard (OAO)
From 29-01-2023
Lilium Viva la Vida (OAO)
From 29-01-2023

About OAO Lilies

This type of Lily was created at the University of Wageningen at the end of the nineties. The goal was to combine the positive characteristics of both types of Lilies. The Oriental Lilies had some resistance the moldy disease ‘Botrytis’ and in the Asian Lilies there were varieties that were not affected by viruses and another moldy disease, ‘Fusarium’.

The University group managed to produce offspring, but the project still failed, because the crossings were difficult and there were only very few viable healthy seeds, which made selecting the best flowers an impossibility, as there were not enough options. This may sound a bit harsh to you, but this is just the way hybridizers are: they just want hundreds of new children from a certain crossing, only to then throw out ninety percent of them after the selection. The only ones that get to stay are the strongest and the prettiest flowers: the rest of them are simply thrown out.

The few seedlings that came from the OAO crossing project just did not meet the hybridizer’s standards: they were beautiful, but far from suitable to use as a cut flowers in greenhouses. The flowers were large and pretty, but the flower buds had a way of leaning over to the side, which made them unfit for a bouquet. But it is exactly this characteristic that makes these Lilies so perfect to be planted in gardens!

Luckily, this was noticed by a Friesian Lily grower, who managed to save a few of the orphaned Lily babies.

He named this beautiful garden Lilies after musical masterpieces that carry names which makes your thoughts float to the most exotic corners of the globe.

  • Fields of Gold is a song from Sting
  • Hotel California from The Eagles
  • Sunset Boulevard is named after the musical
  • November Rain is a balad of Guns N' Roses
  • Viva la Vida is from Coldplay
  • Avalon Sunset is an Album of Van Morrison

As well the lilies as the music they are named after are definitely worth looking at.