Hyacinths have a unique character, virtually unparalleled by other flowers. These bulb flowers will certainly attract attention – their striking good looks are equal parts exotic and familiar. Hyacinths are flowers that you either love or hate. Because they are so unusual, it is impossible for everyone to appreciate them. Hyacinths have a strong, characteristic scent that also divides people’s opinions. Here at Fluwel we appreciate the hyacinths quirks, hyacinths are here to stay!

History of the Hyacinth

Hyacinths are not native to northern Europe. The first hyacinths originate from the Mediterranean, with the oldest variety being the hycacinthus orientalis. In the Netherlands, the hyacinth has been known for more than four hundred years. For a long time in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the hyacinth was worth the equivalent of €150.

Types of Hyacinth and Their Upkeep

Despite hyacinths originating from a warmer climate, they do very well in the Netherlands. They are easy garden flowers to maintain. After planting, they require very little attention. Planting hyacinth bulbs can be done in autumn or winter. As opposed to tulips or daffodils, hyacinth bulbs cannot handle the cold very well. Try to protect them as much as possible. While hyacinths do well in Dutch gardens, they are also very well-suited as indoor pot flowers. In both cases it is important that the soil you plant your hyacinths bulbs in is well drained. When planting in the garden this may mean adding in extra loose soil, such as peat, if the soil is particularly heavy. When planting in a pot, make sure that extra water has somewhere to go. Pots with drainage are best for hyacinths.

Hyacinths are often planted in clusters of three to five bulbs of the same type. These bulbs can be planted very close together, but not quite touching. When choosing a type of hyacinth, it is best to consider the location you wish to plant them. Hyacinth varieties with large clusters of flowers are best planted in a pot, as they will quickly fall over outside. Varieties with fewer or smaller flowers are less heavy and can be planted in the garden with no trouble.

Buying Hyacinths Online

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