Hyacinths – are finally allowed back into the garden! For years they were unfashionable, and undeservedly ignored by many a bulb lover. But that's different now. The hyacinth is back again. No wonder, because hyacinths are beautiful flowers with lots of character. They fit in very well with todays garden trends. You can plant hyacinths too!

Hyacinths need your creativity. A tuft of some ten identical hyacinths may look dull and boring. Old fashioned, even. However, if you put a bit more effort into planting your hyacinths, the result will be surprisingly pretty and highly original. Mixed flower beds with different varieties of colourful hyacinths are the most stunning. Each colour has a strong presence, and yet all colours put together can be perfectly balanced.

Hyacinths fit in many different types of garden. A handful of hyacinths scattered around loosely in the borders of a slightly less formal garden, just a few bulbs per square meter, may create an entirely different spring feeling in your garden. The hyacinth deserves your attention. Hyacinths are very appreciated by Fluwel.