The eucomis is a flower bulb that is steadily growing in popularity. Its shape, dainty leaves and subtle colours work equally well in natural gardens and more formal gardens. They also compliment colourful borders very nicely. Eucomis can also be planted in a pot of other container, and will truly stand out when planted as a specimen. However, they can also be an element of calm in an otherwise busy border.

Caring for Eucomis

In addition to being such a striking garden plant, eucomis is also quite easy to take care of. To ensure flowering, all you need to give your eucomis is a sunny spot and damp soil. You will be richly rewarded with its slightly eccentric blooms, that grow along its thick stem and are topped with green tufts. In fact, many people say that flowering eucomis looks quite like a pineapple! Eucomis is therefore known as the ‘pineapple plant’, but also as ‘crested lily’. Both nicknames describe this flowers unique shape. Most varieties of eucomis will bloom in mid-august. After flowering, they will develop decorative seed buds, allowing the eucomis to retain its decorative value for many months. If you are not sure about eucomis in your garden, you might also try planting three eucomis bulbs in a large pot. All in all, eucomis is a sure success.

Buying Eucomis Bulbs Online

If you keep your potted eucomis out of the frost, they will last you a good three years. At this point it would be wise to dig out and separate the bulbs, as they will have grown larger and begun impeding each other’s growth. If you plant eucomis as a border plant in an area where it rarely freezes, they will survive the winters without incident. However, should frost penetrate the soil to the depth where your bulbs are buried, they will freeze. You can prevent this by digging out your eucomis bulbs and keeping them in a frost free location during the winter. With these precautions in place, eucomis will bring you years of garden pleasure.

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