Planting Iris Bulbs

Irises are beautiful, delicate flowers with distinctive hanging petals. They can grow up to 120cm in height, making them true eyecatchers in the garden. ‘Iris’ is Latin for ‘rainbow’, so it should come as no surprise that irises exist in all different colours. Here in the Fluwel web shop, we can only offer a part of this rainbow, despite having a large assortment. Because each iris is so unique, they each have their own specific care instructions. So make sure you read the information page for each type you wish to order. Along with the general information on this page, you will be fully prepared to plant your own iris bulbs.

Iris Bulbs in the Garden

Which soil type an iris prefers will differ slightly for each variety. Some types of iris will prefer damp soil, while others do not like wet feet. But just like any other rainbow, irises will need enough sun. So plant your iris bulbs in a spot in your garden that gets about six hours of sunlight daily. If necessary you can add organic fertiliser to the planting soil. Certain types of iris will require better drainage than others, so make sure to aerate the soil if need be. Irises will bloom from May to June, so you will need to plant your iris bulbs in early spring.

Before planting, dig a trench that is about 10cm deep. Plant your bulbs about 6cm apart with the point facing upwards. Cover them with soil and water them regularly, making sure the soil is kept damp but not drenched. You will be able to tell when watering is necessary. Take into account that iris bulbs will only bloom after the first winter cold. It is also possible to bring your irises indoors as cut flowers in vase. This will allow you to enjoy your irises everywhere.

Buying Iris Bulbs Online

At, you can choose from many different types of iris bulbs. All these varieties have been grown and studied in our trial gardens. We only offer flower bulbs that we know are robust and will perform well in the garden. So when you buy iris bulbs from our webshop, you know you are getting the best. This means they will have no trouble transforming your garden into a colourful paradise once they feel at home. With our detailed information on each variety and our tips for planting bulbs, you should have no trouble with your iris bulbs. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will gladly help you find a solution.