Allium Bulbs

Allium is also known as sierui (‘decorative onion’) in Dutch. There are many different types of allium, of which only some are suited as garden plants. Here we offer a selection of allium bulbs that will do well as garden plants. As you can tell from our assortment, there is still a large number of alliums to choose from. This means that you have plenty to choose from!

Allium Giganteum

The most well-known type of allium is probably the allium giganteum, which we also have on offer. This variety can grow up to 1,5-2 metres in height! Its flowers grow in large, round clusters that can be up to 5 centimetres in diameter. Due to its size and elegant purple colour, the allium giganteum will certainly be eye-catching in any garden.

Allium Sphaerocephalon

If plants of this size are not appealing to you, we still have plenty of allium varieties to choose from. Our allium sphaerocephalon for example, will grow no taller than 70 centimetres. Of course this is still quite tall for a flower! So rest assured that your allium sphaerocephalon will not go unnoticed.

Allium Unifolium Eros

Another variety that we feel we must mention separately is the allium unifolium eros. This type of allium grows less tall than the previously mentioned allium sphaerocephalon, and is therefore easier to incorporate in our garden. What we like about this variety, are its quirky flowers. While most alliums grow their flowers in perfect spheres, the allium unifolium eros has in a more open structure to its flowers clusters, so the individual flowers grow in all directions.

Alliums for Your Garden

There are many kinds of allium and all of them have their own preferences. Of course, there is a good degree of overlap. All alliums like the sun and should be planted in a sunny spot. They also do well planted among perennials, although the surrounding plants must not be taller. Planting allium bulbs is best done in late summer, towards the end of July. For specific information on each allium, please click on the variety to read more. You will find all practical information under ‘details’, including when to plant and when to expect flowers.

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