Quite often the question is asked we are giving discount at the end of a season. The answer always is the same; Left over bulbs we plant ourselves in the Fluwel show garden.

Next to our warehouse we have a piece of land where we plant a paradise of flower bulbs each year. All varieties we offer in the Fluwel web shop are planted together with a lot of possible new varieties for the future. Many bulb growers bring us their newest varieties to try them out and bring them to our attention.


The garden is next to our warehouse and you are always welcome to come and have a look. So, if you are ever in the neighbourhood please do come and visit, it is free of charge. The best time to visit is from half of April to half of May. Also, August and September will be a nice period to stop by when the Dahlia’s, Begonia’s and Zantedeschia’s are in full bloom.

You can also visit the Fluwel show garden by booking a trip with the Boemel. The Boemel is a train, pulled by a tractor, that drives for an hour through the bulb fields. The Boemel always stops for a while at the Fluwel show garden to give you the opportunity to stroll through the Tulips and other Flower bulbs. It also stops at our Daffodil nursery where you can see hundreds of varieties of Daffodils.

But to get back to the discount, there are a few more reasons why we never give a discount.

All our prices are as low as possible from the start of every sales season on. Also, varieties of which I know will be popular will not be listed at a higher price than necessary.

Common, well-known varieties will also not be listed at a higher range than I would normally list them, just so that I could offer you a discount at the end of the season. We offer a good quality flower bulbs that we always deliver true to name and for a reasonable price that will always be the same from the beginning until the end of the season.

Best regards,