Corydalis solida Beth Evans
Corydalis solida Beth Evans

Corydalis solida Beth Evans

Corydalis solida Beth Evans

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Corydalis solida Beth Evans

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This plant is affectionately called the bird on a stool by plant lovers. The mother of Corydalis Beth Evens and the Corydalis Purple Bird is the Corydalis solida and it is native to the inner dune edges where it flourishes locally. Despite its delicate appearance, it is a tough bulbous plant that sows and spreads easily. Apparently it is the ants that spread its seeds.

The Corydalis solida is not too striking, you really have to bend your knees to admire the beauty of its soft pink flowers. When the Corydalis solida was placed near exotic Corydalis species in the gardens of plant collectors, you saw new colors spontaneously emerge. Bright colors and some larger plants emerged, some of which were also easy to propagate.

This is also how the Beth Evans and Purple Bird were created. It is believed that Beth Evans is the result of a spontaneous cross between Corydalis solida and Corydalis transylvanica, a native of Romania. The Corydalis Purple Bird is said to be a possible hybrid from a spontaneous cross with Corydalis decipiens.

These Corydalises are really fantastic for an informal or overgrown area of ​​the garden where they are left alone. If you plant them both near each other, different colors may spontaneously develop in your garden.

I was never really crazy about the Corydalis solida, but now that I have seen these Corydalis against a piece of tree stump in the garden for a number of years, I have started to think differently about it. Tough bulbs that even when our goat had eaten them, simply came back the next year.

 Bulb size
6 cm
 Light requirement
Half shade
 Plant height
10 - 20 cm
 Planting depth
5 - 10 cm
 Pot plant

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