The grape hyacinth, or muscari in Latin, is a well-known bulb flower. Just like tulips and daffodils, grape hyacinth is a household name. This might have something to do with how well ‘grape hyacinth’ describes the plants appearance, making the name memorable. The small flowers grow in clusters that closely resemble a little bunch of grapes. The flowers vary in colour from pale, almost white, blue and a darker blue that is close to lilac.

Muscari as a Garden Flower

Grape hyacinths are true spring flowers. Just like hyacinths, crocuses and daffodils, muscari will bloom in early spring. This means that their appearance marks the end of winter and the beginning of the green season. Just like other spring blooming flowers, grape hyacinths must be planted before winter starts. Usually this is done in autumn, between September and November. Muscari bulbs are fully hardy and will perennialize, so you can continue to enjoy them year after year. Grape hyacinth bulbs will multiply, so you will gradually see more of them appearing in your garden.

The grape hyacinth can best be planted in full to partial sun. While these bulbs need water, like all plants do, it is important that the soil is well drained. So make sure you plant your muscari bulbs in loose soil. If you want to fill up an empty spot in your garden with grape hyacinths, you can plant your bulbs quite close together. But make sure that they all have access to nutrients. For more information, please refer to our planting instructions for muscari bulbs.

Grape Hyacinth as a Potted Flower

In addition to being an excellent garden flower, muscari is also well-suited as a potted flower. This allows you to bring the spring into your home. When planting grape hyacinth bulbs in a pot, it is still important that the soil does not become waterlogged. So choose a pot with a perforated bottom that will allow excess water to drain. Whether you plant your muscari bulbs in the garden or indoors in a pot, they will always bloom in spring.

Buying Muscari Bulbs Online

At Fluwel we often say that we are crazy about flowers. This would be hard to believe if we did not include muscari in our assortment. This is why we have a large and diverse selection of grape hyacinth bulbs for sale in our online shop. We have varieties that come in all different sizes and colours. We have provided each grape hyacinth variety with specific information, making it easier for you to pick a kind that will suit you and your garden.