Hyacinth bulbs

The demand for hyacinth bulbs has increased in recent years. There are trends in the flower bulb world too, as the hyacinth has discovered. Several years ago these beautiful flowers fell out of favour and hyacinth sales collapsed. People considered hyacinths to be too old-fashioned and began to buy other flowers instead. But now the hyacinth is retro and is gradually reappearing in gardens. We are happy to say that the hyacinth is truly making a comeback!

Hyacinths can be stunning both inside and outside your home. The delicious scent of hyacinths will enchant you and your guests. What could be more pleasant than coming home to a wonderfully fragrant house? Potted hyacinths can be placed on the window sill, but a more visible spot on the table will do them more justice. The hyacinth is such a decorative flower that it deserves to be the centre of attention!

Hyacinth bulbs in the garden
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Hyacinth Bulbs in the Garden

Hyacinths originate in the Middle East, but manage our colder climate well. In centuries past Dutch bulbs growers have been able to create and refine many new varieties of hyacinth. Now there are two thousand different types in the Netherlands alone! Of course they cannot all be grown in your garden, so you will need to choose which hyacinths to buy. Luckily there is enough to choose from.

There are various ways of planting hyacinths in your garden. A flower bed with just hyacinths is a bit old-fashioned however. Due to the recent come back of the hyacinth as a garden flower, more modern planting styles are most popular. For example, plant single hyacinths throughout a border as if they were dropped randomly. A flower with as much character as the hyacinth is well-suited to this type of planting.

Order Hyacinths Bulbs Online

In Fluwels online shop you can order all kinds of hyacinth very easily. The bulbs will be delivered to your home, so all you will need to do is decide how to plant them. We always deliver our bulbs so that they arrive at the right time for planting, so you can plant your hyacinth bulbs straight after you receive them. Do you want to know more about hyacinths? We offer information and tips here on our website. And you are always welcome to contact our customer service.

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