Daffodil bulbs

Fluwels one-of-a-kind daffodil garden is perhaps home to the largest collection of daffodil bulbs in the world. Many hundreds of unique bulbs have found a home here. Carlos van der Veek, co-owner of Fluwel, has a singular fascination with daffodil bulbs. But considering how special daffodils are, perhaps this is not so strange. Daffodils are without doubt one of the world’s most intriguing bulb flowers.

Daffodils will appear early in the year. Just like tulips they are associated with spring. When the daffodils bloom, spring is surely close. It should be no surprise that snowdrops, another true sign of spring, are related to daffodils. Daffodil bulbs are often given as gifts in the winter to wish each other good luck and a beautiful spring. Read more about these charming flowers below.

Daffodil bulbs in the garden
Daffodil bulbs of Fluwel
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Daffodil Bulbs in the Garden

Daffodils have a delicate charm. They are not imposing, but instead appear quite fragile. This is why daffodils will look better in a garden flower bed than in a large bulb field. A spot in the garden will simply suit this flowers personality best. This is one reason so many people plant daffodils in their garden.

Daffodils grow very well in our climate. This is because the daffodil in a native plant. This means keeping daffodils in your garden is quite easy, as they will grow again every year after planting. Plant your daffodil bulbs in a sunny spot and let them get comfortable. They will perennialize and become part of garden. Daffodils have a nice scent and will bloom for months. Who could say no to daffodils in their garden?

Daffodil Bulbs Online

Are you looking to buy daffodil bulbs? We at Fluwel are more than happy to help you order from our online shop. We do not just display daffodils in our special daffodil garden. The bulbs we develop are also for sale. You can order from a large assortment of rare and beautiful daffodils. Our selection is unique, you will be spoiled for choice!

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