Buying Lily Bulbs

Lilies are a unique bulb flower. In recent years they have gained popularity as a garden flowers, instead of only being used as cut flowers. Their exotic looks and variety in bold colours and patterns make lilies true eye-catchers. Here at you can buy top quality lily bulbs for your garden. We only stock lily varieties that are hardy enough for garden use. Only the harshest cold will cause them any trouble.

Planting lily bulbs is best done between November and March, but preferably as early as possible. So make sure to order your lily bulbs on time. If the ground is frozen, you can store your lily bulbs in a warm, dry place until the ground is soft enough to dig.

Buying Lily Bulbs at Fluwel has a large selection of lily bulbs online. All varieties well sell are suited for garden use and are well adapted to growing in the temperate climate that the Netherlands and the United Kingdom share. We have lilies in many different shapes and colours, so you will have plenty to choose from. Lilies can be incorporated into both classic country gardens and modern gardens. This is because lilies can be either elegant or quirky, depending on the variety you pick. We have also included several rare kinds of lily. So if you are looking for something special that will make your garden stand out, you are in the right place. The lily is truly one of the most varied types of lower bulb.

When you place an order with Fluwel, you are guaranteed the best quality flower bulbs available. All our growers have years of experience, so our selection on bulbs is tried and true. We test all our bulbs in our own trail garden to ensure that they will do well in a garden environment. The bulbs we sell are always the largest available. We offer extensive information on flower bulbs and how to plant them. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask us.

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