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The harvest is in

It was hard work this week; will we be able to get the daffodils of the land before the weekend?

The digging machine takes our daffodils out of the ground and lays them on top of the soil. Then we have to roll our sleeves up, and manually get them into crates. When the weather is nice, which it was this year, it is one of the best jobs around. 

The weather was not the only luck we had this year. On one day, the subtle breeze blew from just the right angle, treating us all the sweet scent of Freesias, which were growing on a field a few hundred meters away from ours. It was truly a blessing. 

Had the wind been blowing from another direction, we would not have been so luckily. As another nearby field was covered in freshly harvested onions. Just the wrong angle and our noses would have been filled with a piquant scent that would have made our eyes water. 

Anyhow, what matters the most is that we will likely be able to get all the bulbs off the land this week. Only a few more loads to go. 

In this picture you can see what is most likely the biggest bulb that we picked out of the ground this year, sitting on Pracht her head. Pracht is our best employee of the year, it is great fun to have her around. Pracht works lightning fast, thinks lightning fast but mostly, she talks lightning fast, she is a constant noise generator. Which makes for good entertainment during repetitious tasks. She has been this way since she was a little girl. Whenever the room would fall silent, all you’d have to do was ask: “Pracht, do you know a good joke?”. It worked everytime, because Pracht surely knows a good joke, more than one even, and she’d gladly tell you all of them. One of here fan favorites was: “what is louder than a mouse?” After many wrong answers and confused looks Pracht would scream at the top of her lungs: A MOOOUUSE!!!!

But I have to get back to work, there are a few daffodils waiting for me in the warehouse that have to be sorted out. 

Kind regards, 

Carlos van der Veek

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