The dahlia is an easy to grow bulb flower. It is a very vigorous flower that will not fail you. This is, of course, in addition to the fact that they are beautiful to look at. Dahlias are known for their wide variety of colours: pink, yellow, white, red, orange… only blue is absent from the dahlia’s colour palette. The dahlias we sell are available in so many different shapes and colours, you will find it hard to believe that they are all part of the same family!

Caring for Dahlias

In order to get the most out of your dahlias, make sure that you plant your dahlia bulbs in good humus-rich garden soil. Make sure that you keep the soil moist, especially during the flowering season. Your dahlias will also need extra water during long dry spells in the summer. This does not mean that dahlias do not enjoy sun. As they originate from Mexico, it is not surprising that dahlias will flower more profusely when planted in a sunny spot. The more sun your dahlias get, the better they will thrive and the better they will look. This makes finding a good spot to plant dahlias quite straightforward. Be aware that young dahlias are very attractive to snails and slugs, so you may need to protect your dahlia crop from being eaten.

Buying Dahlia Bulbs Online

Who loves flowers more – Fluwel or perhaps the dahlias themselves? We aren’t quite sure, as the dahlia is such an enthusiastic flower. Dahlias will keep producing flowers all through the summer and will not stop until the first frost! It can be said without exaggerating that dahlias will give you your money’s worth. Can you imagine borders full of these colourful, striking flowers? It is hardly surprising we offer a wide range of dahlias in our online shop. We understand their attraction perfectly.

While daffodils and tulips are specialties of ours here at Fluwel, it is well worth taking a look at our crocuses, amaryllises dahlias and hyacinths. We also offer a large selection of specialty bulbs. One sure way to make your garden stand out during the flowering season, is to plant a mixture of bulb flowers combining various heights, shapes and colours. Because it can be tricky to create the perfect combination, we have created mixtures and combinations for you.

Dahlias can be easily combined with grasses or other perennials. Due to the large and varied selection we offer, you will surely be able to find a dahlia you love. Ordering online is quick and simple. We always deliver our bulbs at the correct time for them to be planted, making gardening a breeze. Dahlias are easy to take care of and are truly eye-catching. Just take a look at the beautiful pictures we have here on our website. And if that is not enough for you, it is also possible to come and visit us at Fluwel Land here in Zijpe. Still not sure about dahlias? Perhaps our tulips, zantedeschia, amarylises or crocuses will be more to your liking.