Daffodils are my absolute favourites. In late winter, when grass is still dormant and trees are leaveless, daffodils appear and shine their pretty yellow light into the world. What beauties these flowers are! The daffodil comes in many colors. Yellow, orange, pink ... Coloruful daffodils are wonderful, and they give your garden a special touch. Daffodils make people happy, as they symbolize the early spring.

Daffodils in Mythology

Daffodils are not just beautiful flowers, they also have a beautiful story. The Latin name narcissus is derived from Greek mythology. Narcissus was the son of a nymph and he loved to hunt. He was very handsome and almost everyone he met fell in love with him – but he turned down all his admirers. One day he saw his own reflection in a clear pool. He fell in love with the handsome creature he saw and thought must live in the pool. Of course he was unable to communicate with the being he saw. So he stayed sitting by the pool, staring into the water and hoping. He forgot to eat or drink and eventually wasted away. What remained was a beautiful flower, perhaps as beautiful as Narcissus himself: the daffodil.

So it is no wonder that many people find daffodils such pretty flowers. According to the story, we should all fall in love with them! We at Fluwel certainly have. This is why we have so many different types and sizes of daffodil. The flower described in the myth of Narcissus has white petals and a yellow trumpet, but here on our website you can find over fifty different kinds of daffodil. Every flower lover will be able to find the perfect daffodil to suit their taste. We would even dare say that even people who don’t like flowers will find a beautiful daffodil they like.

Taking care of Daffodils

Daffodils are an easy flower to take care of, as they are well adapted to our climate. As long as they are planted in moderately fertile soil, nothing can go wrong. Daffodils prefer loose, humus-rich soil types that are well-drained. They prefer a sunny spot, but partial shade is also acceptable. If you would like to read more about planting bulbs, please refer to our pages ‘Planting Daffodils’, ‘Planting Bulbs’ and ‘Planting Tip’. This will ensure you are fully prepared.


Once a daffodil bulb is underground – planting is best done in September or October – it will need no further care. This is one of the reasons that daffodils are often planted in public parks. The bulbs can be planted before the beginning of winter and will appear in spring. If you plant daffodils in good soil, they will continue to reappear for years. This is why daffodils are a good long term investment, as they will brighten up your garden for a long time to come.

Buying Daffodils Online

As we said earlier, Fluwel truly loves daffodils. This is why we have such a large selection of daffodil bulbs for sale. You can order these flower bulbs quickly and easily from our online shop. Feel free to browse through our catalogue. Unfortunately our bulbs cannot be shipped year round. But during planting season our shipping service is fast, so that you will always receive your bulbs at just the right time.

Ordering from an online shop saves you the hassle of going to a garden centre, but seeing the flowers in person is also nice. This is why visitors are welcome at our show gardens, so everyone can see the world of daffodils and tulips up close. Should you ever plan on taking a trip to Holland, please feel free to drop by at Belkmerweg 22 in Burgervlotbrug. Our daffodil garden has one of the largest collections of daffodils in the world. You can also purchase daffodils here.

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