Daffodils are my absolute favourites. In late winter, when grass is still dormant and trees are leaveless, daffodils appear and shine their pretty yellow light into the world. What a beauty, this flower bulb. The daffodil comes in many colors. Yellow, orange, pink ... Colorful daffodils are wonderful, they give your garden a special aura. Daffodils make people happy. They symbolize the early spring.

Planted in soil of reasonable quality a daffodil may last for years – longer than quite a few perennial plants! Wild daffodils grow in a cool climate. Daffodils are native in the UK and in the Netherlands. Snowdrops, for example, are related to the daffodil. It is therefore not surprising that the daffodil flowers in your garden easily.

If you want to learn more about the fascinating world of daffodils, please come and visit our Fluwel show garden at Belkmerweg 22 in Burgervlotbrug. We gladly welcome you! In our garden you will find one of the largest collections of daffodils in the world. Fluwel loves daffodils for sure. Some of the special daffodils in our collection are available in the web shop as well.