TG Lava

Narcissus TG Lava
per 10 pieces
Delivery from 03-10-2022
Flowering Period
14 cm
Light requirement
Sunny, Half shade
Planting season
Plant height
30 - 40 cm
Planting depth
15 - 20 cm


The baptism of this Daffodil brought me the best day of the 2020 spring. Allow me to explain. TG Lava stands for Theater Group Lava, a truly fantastic cabaret- and theater group consisting of three amazing and just slightly crazy girls from Haarlem. In every one of their performances they are set on getting their audience to do one thing: laugh. Each year they spend a few of their nights at Land van Fluwel, where they show their audience their newest play. We have seen some brilliant plays at Land van Fluwel: “Sneeuw op de Vensterbank,” “Viswijf,” and their most successful and always sold out “Tulipa.”

After the last show of their most recent play “Viswijf,” which also closed the 2019 season, we presented the girls of TG Lava with the promise of naming a Daffodil after them. When the Daffodils would start to bloom, I would invite them over to Fluwel so they could pick their favourite. They were moved to tears when they accepted our gift. I only had to send them one message this spring to invite them over: they were at our door the next day. It was great: nice weather, great flowers, three fantastic girls, champagne and their favourite Daffodil: a perfect day.

Though they were allowed to pick any unnamed Daffodil they wanted, I was happy that they chose this one. Not just because this one is one of my favourites too, but because it is also a reliable Daffodil that grows beautifully and abundantly. TG Lava has never disappointed me, and I think she might be a keeper. Now that this Daffodil has a name, I will always fondly remember those nice girls and I genuinely hope you will be able to see them perform one time, too. If you then also have this Daffodil in your garden, it will surely remind you of a beautiful evening every time she blooms.