Buying Dahlia Bulbs

If you are looking to buy dahlias, there is no better place than! We specialise in all kinds of bulb flowers and dahlias are no exception. Dahlias are certainly one of the most beautiful bulb flowers available (although they technically grow from tubers). Just take a look at the incredible variety of colours and shapes. There are no other bulb or tuber flowers to be found with such great diversity. Planting dahlias will instantly create an almost tropical aesthetic. While dahlias originate in sunny Mexico, they have become well adapted to European weather. They do need to be planted in a spot with as much sunlight as possible and humus-rich soil.

Taking Care of Dahlias

Dahlia bulbs are well-suited to garden life, but cannot handle freezing temperatures. When the first frost sets in at the beginning of winter, you can dig up your dahlia tubers and keep them in a frost free place to be planted again next season. Other than this, dahlias are quite easy to take care of. After the flowers have withered, they will need to be deadheaded. This will cause your dahlia to create a new bud and bloom again. Dahlias will keep giving you flowers throughout the growing season. This is the quality that we can most appreciate about the dahlia. We hope you can be convinced to try these lovely flowers for yourself. While you are here, take a look at our information about planting dahlias.

Buying Dahlia Tubers Online

These beautiful tropical flowers can of course be found here in our online shop, along with many other bulb flowers. Our dahlias are guaranteed to be top quality for a reasonable price. As strange as it may sound, many bulb growers do not select the largest bulbs to sell. But we do. So you can always be sure you will receive large, healthy bulb and tubers. We also guarantee that our bulbs will flower. In some extreme cases, a bulb might fail. But we will always find a fitting solution to ensure our customers stay happy.

As you can see, we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for flower bulbs with our customers. If you ever decide to visit Holland, you can stop by our theme park. At Fluwel Land you can come see our flowers growing in their natural habitat, dahlias included. While we realise that seeing flowers in real life is a fantastic experience, we strive to make our website as informative as possible. We guarantee that our dahlia tubers are top quality. So even if you cannot visit, you can always plant your own bulbs and tubers to see for yourself how beautiful their flowers are.

While we are very proud of our dahlias, they are not the only flowers we sell. We are also known for our tulips, daffodils, amaryllises and muscari.