Bulb flowers and bees

Bulb flowers and bees

Bulb flowers are all the flowers that grow from a bulb: tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and so on. There are many bulb flowers and they all differ, but they also have a lot in common. Not only people love these flowers, animals know how to find them too. It is particularly interesting that bulb flowers are attractive for honey bees. Especially nowadays this is an important fact, because bees are in trouble and need more flowers.

Bee decline and bulb flowers

Bees are hard workers, essential in nature. In recent years, fewer and fewer bees have been counted, which worries researchers. There's a huge honey bee decline going on, due to pesticides and a shortage of wild flowers in urban environments. You can fight against bee mortality by planting more flowers. Fluwel is, of course, happy to help you with this.

Bulb flowers for bees

Helping the honey bees with bulb flowers is a fun way to contribute to a better world. Of course, bulb flowers do not take away all problems, but it's at least something you can do by yourself. Plant some bulb flowers in your garden and let the bees come. Especially in combination with other flowers and plants (for example, a butterfly bush or wild roses), you can turn your garden into a honey bees paradise. Your neighborhood will benefit.

Another option is what is called guerrilla gardening: planting flowers in the wild. This is something you should do with great responsibility. For example, plant bulbs in brownfield lands, roadsides or on the edge of a bush. Make sure do not disturb other plants, so plant the bulbs only in sand or between grasses. This is how you make these bulb flowers a little extra for honey bees!

Make sure that you plant different species of bulb flowers, by choosing varieties that bloom at different times. Thus, the bees can benefit longer from the flowers that you planted.

Order bulb flowers
Bulb flowers, order online

Order bulb flowers

If you want to help the bees with bulb flowers, you must of course first have some flower bulbs that you can plant. You can order these bulbs in Fluwel’s webshop, that’s how we can help you with your good work. In our shop you can choose the most beautiful flowers for your garden and order them online. Fluwel loves both flowers and bees.