Why do we start the shipping when the fall starts?

Customers who bought bulbs from us before do know that we start shipping at the end of September. ‘Bulbs need to be planted in the fall, so why start shipping in the summer’ is what I often say.

But there is more reason for waiting till the fall before we start shipping orders to our customers.

The main reason is that it is very beneficial for the quality of the flower bulbs. Not only to take out the fungus diseased and rotten bulbs that appear during the months of summer. It is mainly the improvement of the inner quality of the flower bulbs that makes us choose to ship later. I will try to explain you the reason.

It looks like a flower bulb is completely dormant during the months of summer, the truth is on the contrary. In the summertime, in the heart of the bulbs, the sprout is developed which will grow out to a beautiful plant that will bloom next year in your garden. In miniature size every single part of the flower bulbs that will bloom next spring is manufactured.

A proper treatment of the bulbs is very important for a good development of the new plant inside the bulb. It is proven that storage of the bulbs at a right temperature and good ventilation improves the quality of the plant and the flowers that will bloom in your garden next spring. For every type flower bulb, we have a different climate room at Fluwel. Hyacinths are stored slightly warmer than Tulips and for example daffodils fancy a storage with more ventilation.

On this picture you can see what the inside of a tulip looks like in the fall. The white scales that contain the stark are removed. Also, the leaves are pealed of, you can see them laying in front of the tulip. What you see at the top of the sprout is the tulip flower, she is developed till the last detail. the leaves, the flowers the anthers, the stamens and even the ovary is formed.
All of this happens during the months of summer. When the bulbs arrive in our warehouse in June you this spout is not there yet.

When you store the bulbs properly during the months of summer the sprout will grow better, and the bulb will produce a bigger, stronger and healthier plant in the spring.

I wish you a lot of garden pleasure.

Best regards,


20 September 2019 11:10:50 CEST News