Tiny Daffodils


The first thing that comes to mind about daffodils for most people, are the big, yellow bushes of happily blooming flowers in early spring. But what few people know is that there is more to daffodils than just the yellow, and what even fewer people than that are aware of, is that there is also more than big. Daffodils also exist in very small sizes, miniature measurements, in all sorts of different colors and shapes.



For example we have the pumilus, her name does kind of gives away that she’s not too big. There is also the small but chique Roundita, a tough little flower that tries her best to look just as cool as her bigger family members. She tries this hard while she’s barely larger than a sip of strong coffee: speaking of coffee, she’s like the espresso of the daffodils. Small in size, big in personality.

Narcissus fernandesii

Narcissus fernandesii

Also yellow but with quite a different shape we have fernandesii, happiness on a stem. She has dozens of flowers on small, fragile sticks and will greet you early in spring. She will make you smile with her cheerful flowers and her good smell. In large parts of Spain and Portugal you can find her blooming in fields, roadsides and meadows. They don’t even know how lucky they are on the Iberian Peninsula: we have to settle for dandelions in the early spring.

hoepelrok’ narcisjes

hoepelrok’ narcisjes

Not to be forgotten is the so-called petticoat daffodil: daffodils who appear to be having a flower like a hooped skirt. They look very sweet and will definitely cheer up anyone who’s still feeling a little down from the Winter weather. They make everyone at Fluwel smile when they pop their heads up in early spring. The leafs of these kind of daffodils are small, almost like grass, which makes her a very good flower for a rock garden. After blooming, they won’t be leaving behind bushes of leafs.

Angel’s Breath

Tazetta subsp. tazetta

But if you really, really want to be charmed by miniature daffodils, you have to look into Angel’s Breath or the Tazetta subsp. tazetta. They are an unimaginable amount of flowers on tiny stems that also smell very nice. What more can you wish for?


Slightly bigger in size but still very small, the last daffodil I want to introduce to you is the slightly weird Rataplan. A daffodil that surprises everyone with her severe but cute abnormality. Maybe you’re not sold on her right now, but you’ll have to see her in real life to make a decision. There is one thing I can promise you: she’ll make everyone look twice. This is only a small group from my assortment, if you want to see more miniature Daffodils or read more information about them, I invite you to take a look on my website.

Kind regards,
Carlos van der Veek

8/16/2018 4:46 PM