The Lily

The Lily

The Lily

Within living memory, the Lily is adored, planted and loved by gardeners all over the world. There even are several clubs and Lily societies dedicated to the Lily. You can share your passion and knowledge with colleagues infected with the same Lily virus.

Well known societies are the ‘North American Lily Society’ in the US and the ‘Royal Horticultural Society Lily Group’ in the UK. This last one is recently fused into ‘The Bulb Committee’ but still publishes a yearly Lily Newsletter. Very nice societies where you can share your bulbs and seeds but most of all your expertise.

But also on social media you will find platforms on which Lily lovers from all over the world show the rarest and most beautiful Lilies.

I can imagine that not all readers of this blog have the same passion for Lilies as these society members but still want to try and grow a few Lilies in their gardens. But how to start… not every Lily is as easy to grow in the garden. I will give you a hand. Every garden and type of soil where other plants do well is suitable for Lilies. Lilies also prefer a sunny spot in the garden, at least a few hours of direct sunlight each day is ideal.

On this blog a few varieties that performed very well for Eric Breed and me in our gardens, Real good Lilies to start with, even when the circumstances are not ideal they will bloom for several years. And when they feel at home in your garden they might be there for many years. So, when you are in doubt, try some of the following varieties.

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