22 June 2018

Harvesting has started

The first tulip bulbs are rolling into the boxes behind the harvesters. A tense time for tulip growers because their harvest expectations for the year aren’t very high. When I asked them what they thought of this year’s tulip bulb harvest they answered: “they won’t pile out of the basket.

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25 November 2016

Flowerbulbs – The Ideal Gift!

Everybody has those friends, family members or maybe colleagues that leave you desperately looking for a present year after year: what to get them?! Very relatable, but that makes it no less difficult. Luckily, we have the solution here for you: flowerbulbs! 

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28 October 2016

The Ideal Time To Plant Flowerbulbs

If we are Facebook friends, you might have already seen a bit of autumn on your timeline: mushrooms, coloured leaves and other great scenery that mean only one thing to us bulb growers: it’s time to start planting flowerbulbs! 

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21 October 2016

Flowerbulbs in Pots

What if you do not have a garden, but would still like to enjoy blooming flowers? Flowers in pot are the answer! A flowerpot looks great on a terrace, in a tiled garden, or a balcony. Potted flowers will also look nice along the drive or next to the front door – basically everywhere!

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14 October 2016

In the spotlight at Fluwel’s

Our category ‘Featured Flowerbulbs’ highlights all sorts of flowerbulbs of which we think deserve a little bit of extra attention. Whether it is a personal favourite, a flowerbulb that sells very well or becuase the colour is fashionable: everything is possible. 

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29 September 2016

The bulbs are sent in the fall

Autumn has arrived. This is a busy, yet fun, time in which we start with shipping our orders. We usually start on September 21st. But why so late? That is a question that has been asked more than once. I thought now was the right time to explain the date.

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23 September 2016

An ode to Thalia

Our special daffodil Thalia is now even more special than she normally is: this year, she celebrates her 100th birthday! For a century she has decorated gardens and city parks with her beauty. She was introduced in 1916 and is still just as popular as she was back in those days...

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2 September 2016

In The Spotlights: The Crocus!

Early March, while the winter coats and heaters are still on, there they suddenly are: the crocuses. Not afraid of the bad weather that is still to come, they decorate gardens, banks and city parks with their happy, fresh colours...

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