25 September 2022


Newsletters, I love writing them. Sometimes there is not enough time to write one, but fortunately there is Pien who takes the honors with just as much pleasure.

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31 July 2022

The harvest is in

It was hard work this week; will we be able to get the daffodils of the land before the weekend?

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5 June 2022


In my last two newsletters, I failed miserably at fulfilling my promise of telling you more about my trip to Spain. I really don’t think I can get out of telling you about it any longer now, so here is the story of our expedition, which was organised by Mr Brian Duncan, and put together in a way that made it possible to see most of the Spanish Daffodils in their natural environment.

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17 April 2022

The Daffodil, the flower of Easter

Some days ago a dear friend of mine asked me why Easter is always associated with the color yellow. “well because of the Daffodil of course’ was my first response. But to be honest I also did not know so I decided to ask Google for help.

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3 April 2022

Dont Panic

Tulipa White Emperor must feel sorry for being as early as she was this year.

This morning, the phone at Fluwel was bombarded by worried customers, calling if their beloved flower bulbs would still start to grow now that they had been covered by the Springtime snow.

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20 March 2022

A bunch of Daffodils on the table

When you are a Daffodil enthusiast that cannot bring up the patience to wait for the Daffodil to flower, you might consider travelling to Cornwall mid-March. Because in Cornwall, spring always seems to arrive a little bit sooner.

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6 March 2022



Sometimes you’re struggling to get a single word onto paper, other times your head is full of stories but you cannot find the time to write them down.

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27 February 2022

The Dahlias are available again

As promised I will now try and tell you something about the Gloxinia. 

But first things first: I want to inform you that the Dahlias are available again in our web shop. And of course, the Gloxinia, the Zantedeschia, the Begonias, and all other types of delicacies for the garden lover are available now as well.

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