7 February 2020

The Lily Beetle

On a daily basis we receive questions from customers about the Lily Beetle. Most of the times the question is; are there any Lilies that do not suffer from the Lily Beetle?

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31 January 2020

New: The Scadoxus multiflorus Orange Wonder

In The Netherlands this exotic flower bulb is lovingly called the ‘Powder brush’. A very appropriate name for this beautiful flower.

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29 November 2019

Storage of Dahlia tubers

Make sure your Dahlia’s do not freeze in the garden, this is the time to take them out. During storage please make sure you pack the tubers properly.

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26 November 2019


Quite often the question is asked we are giving discount at the end of a season ...

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8 November 2019

Amaryllis, the Queen of the Winter in our assortment of flower bulbs

The Amaryllis is truly amazing, and the nicest part is that everybody can grow an Amaryllis to flower.

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13 September 2019

Olé, the Daffodil is just as Spanish as the Flamenco dance

You can find them growing wild in Spain and Portugal the same way we dandelions do over here.

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16 August 2019

Perfect Tulips for the garden

Are there any Tulips that come back when you do not dig them and leave them in the garden?

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1 July 2019

Rock garden Daffodils, beautiful miniature daffodils

Petite as they are, they still have this proud and husky attitude you also recognize among the large Daffodils.

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