23 May 2021


Today, it has been exactly 401 years since she came on the market. But more importantly, she is the only surviving Tulip of the Tulip Mania in the 30s of the 17th century.

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12 April 2021

Would you also like to hybridize your own Daffodils?

All you need are two different daffodils, and a whole lot of … patience.

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17 January 2021

50 different lily varieties

The Lilies are available in the Fluwel web shop! This year, we have 50 different varieties, and it gets even better: 17 of those are new in our assortment.

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6 December 2020

What Is My Definition of Beautiful?​

I think this is one of the most difficult questions out there. If I say that I honestly don’t know, they always answer with “Oh, but you must know what you like best, right?”

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29 November 2020

The Gold Coast

And then it was quiet. Growers around us have finished planting and the fields surrounding our home are now covered in golden straw to give the flower bulbs a warm and comfortable bed during winter.

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22 November 2020

Our polder next to the North Sea beaches

I do feel like telling you about Fluwel’s location. I have a lot of (new) readers, so I think it is safe to assume that most of you don’t really know where we are from.

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1 November 2020

The Amaryllis: Now Available!​

Last summer was beautiful, which means the Amaryllises have had a great opportunity to grow and therefore, the quality of this year’s flower bulbs is simply stunning.

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4 October 2020

The Daffodil makes me happy

It is not only the cheerful flower, who is one of the first to bloom every year, who brings me happiness. The very same daffodils have also brought me heart warming friendships and acquaintances.

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