5 September 2021

Dressage Horses

Last week I called the Daffodil a Workhorse so now it is time to put the dressage horse in the spotlight. Of course, this is about the Tulip, blazonry of the flower bulb family.

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30 August 2021


A Dutch saying tells us that there are workhorses and show horses. This week I want to write about the workhorses among the flower bulbs, The Daffodils.

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1 August 2021

Too young for the rest home

For the real old monkeys you need to take a look at the Daffodils, the workhorses among the flower bulbs.

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25 July 2021

The oldies​

You certainly know some of those people, who do not seem to age at all. Unbreakable, always in shape and you’re always surprised when you hear their age.

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20 June 2021

The expectations for Harvest

It seems to be a quiet time for the flower bulb cultivators, all the labour that need to be done is irrigating the fields when a dry period is ahead.

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23 May 2021


Today, it has been exactly 401 years since she came on the market. But more importantly, she is the only surviving Tulip of the Tulip Mania in the 30s of the 17th century.

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12 April 2021

Would you also like to hybridize your own Daffodils?

All you need are two different daffodils, and a whole lot of … patience.

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17 January 2021

50 different lily varieties

The Lilies are available in the Fluwel web shop! This year, we have 50 different varieties, and it gets even better: 17 of those are new in our assortment.

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