4 October 2020

The Daffodil makes me happy

It is not only the cheerful flower, who is one of the first to bloom every year, who brings me happiness. The very same daffodils have also brought me heart warming friendships and acquaintances.

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13 September 2020

What To Plant In The Garden Next Autumn?​

The busy times are almost over. It’s time to think about what to plant in the garden this season.

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23 August 2020

Flower Bulbs with Special Names

There are a lot of those, all for different reasons. It could be a historical event, a love letter, they can be named after someone or something, or it could be a gift… evidently, a flower bulb is appropriate in a lot of different situations.

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13 August 2020

Organic Flower Bulbs

Growing organic flower bulbs is not an easy task, but no one does it better than John Huiberts of Huiberts Organic Flower Bulbs.

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2 August 2020

Cleaning and counting of daffodil bulbs

The daffodils finally have all been dug and are currently stored in the Fluwel warehouse. That means that it’s time for the real fun to start: the cleaning and counting of all those daffodil bulbs.

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19 July 2020

The use of chemicals in flower bulbs

Every now and then someone will ask me about the use of chemicals in the cultivation of flower bulbs, and whether the flower bulbs Fluwel sells have also been exposed to substances like that.

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12 July 2020

“Things never happen the way you expect them to happen”

I thought of his words quite often When the Corona crisis started. From one day to another the perspectives for the near future changed completely.

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7 June 2020

The Daffodil in Spain

Last Winter, I received a phone call from my Daffodil-friend Bryan Duncan. He asked me if I would like to join him on a trip to Spain, to look for Daffodils in their natural habitat.

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