Alliums or ornamental onions are true eye-catchers in the garden. These beautiful flowers certainly attract attention! There are many different species. Some species grow in the wild, such as wild garlic, many others are available in the Fluwel webshop. Order alliums in our webshop and you will be able to plant allium yourself!

Planting allium is easy. The allium is a kind of onion and, like ordinary onions, it grows well even in a cool climate. They are the finishing touch when planted one by one in a ‘wild’ garden, but they are also  pleasing to many gardeners when planted in groups in a border. Allium grows best in sandy soils that are not too wet.

The different species of allium in the Fluwel web shop are selected by us for their special qualities. Of course, you can find well-known species, but rare alliums are available here as well. If you want something different it is worth trying Allium shubertii or the new Allium Silver Spring. These alliums are worth it!