When you know that AGM stands for Award of Garden Merit, you will probably be able to predict which flowers have this Award: plants that do exceptionally well in the garden. AGM-plants have been observed and judged by the Plant Committee and the Bulb Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society. This happens in their Trial Gardens, where everyone can see and admire the plants that are in the running for an Award. A lot of garden centres and flower bulb sellers use the AGM-logo: not to say that other plants are not as good, but to give you a helping hand and a source of inspiration for your garden, so everyone can create a beautiful garden with the best plants available.

Because I am a Bulb Committee member at the RHS, I think it is very important that you can also benefit from the AGM-selection. Give this category a try, and of course, we guarantee a beautiful Spring with these flowerbulbs!